Top 3 Reasons To Buy a Personal Flying Drone

If you've never heard of personal flying drones, or UAVs, multirotors, quadcopters, or whatever else everyone calls them, you're missing out. I've been flying these for years before most people even knew they existed, and even years later with a wife and kids, the thrill of watching a small craft take off and send you back video or photo while you steer it through the sky never gets old. So here are, in my opinion, the top 3 reasons to buy a personal drone.

1. For Work

This is the less thrilling, but ultimately more practical reason. Maybe you're a professional photographer who is looking for a camera that can get some stunning aerial shots for the latest issue of This Cliff Looked Much Smaller From The Ground or what have you. Maybe you're shooting an extreme sports or surfing video and need a killer angle to drive home the closing scene. Maybe you work in Hollywood and are trying to get a frame from a unique perspective. Or maybe you work in agriculture or security or surveillance and need an unobtrusive way of surveying a plot of land or a neighborhood or some other property.

Yes, you could rent a full-sized helicopter or make repeated passes in an airplane, but why spend thousands of dollars each time when you could simply spend a few hundred or a grand once and have a tool that will work for years? This may not be the most romantic reason to get a drone, but you can't beat it for practicality. Law enforcement and the military use drones for professional work on a daily basis; if it would help you out in your day job, why not give them a try?

2. For Play

This reason, though, is my favorite. Maybe you've got kids, like me, and want to share an amazing hobby with them that they'll remember long after they've left home. Maybe you're single and simply looking for a way to meet new people with your awesome flying machine. Or maybe you're somewhere in between and have always been fascinated by things that fly or things you can control or things that go really fast and high in the air. Maybe you're a fan of photography or video work and think it would be cool to try some of that fancy gear out. Or maybe you just wonder what your neighborhood or city looks like from 500 feet in the air and don't feel like buying a plane ticket. Any of these reasons is perfectly valid, and in my opinion, play is the best reason to do anything.

3. A Hedge Against the Future

This is where I put on my tinfoil hat (does it fit? My wife says so...). The truth of the matter is that we don't know for just how long drones are going to be available for the average American. It's estimated that the skies above the average town might be filled with police and private drones by 2020. Is that true? Well, we'll have to wait another 6 years to find out. But whether it's true or not, it might be a good idea to get a drone for yourself in case they someday become banned, or worse, regulated to the point that no one wants to buy one anyway. Buying one now ensures, at the very least, that you'll get several years of some of the best fun you've ever had out of them now, regardless of what might or might not happen with regulation of drones in the future.

Convinced? In that case, head on over to my list of recommended drones. I haven't tried every drone, but I've darn near come close, and these are my favorites.


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