Superman with a GoPro Video Shows Creative Use of DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter

This is another wonderful example of what's possible with a GoPro and a Phantom or Phantom 2, or if you want everything in one package, in a Phantom 2 Video+. A couple of clever guys spliced together footage of a Phantom in flight with a green screen, added some flying hands and special effects, and all of a sudden the universal dream of what it would be like to fly like Superman comes to life on a budget far smaller than that used to make even the smallest Hollywood movie about the man from Krypton. Pretty cool, right?

Videos like these are why I love, love, love drones in general and my Phantom 2 Vision+ in particular. You can create just about anything you want, including means of indulging the human fantasy of self-powered flight. Studies of dreams have shown that flying is one of the most commonly desired dream behaviors, and one of the most enjoyable. Watching this video makes it clear why that dream is so compelling.

We might not be able to fly under our own power while we are awake, but with a high quality drone, we can come pretty close. And that sense of closeness with nature, the sky, and the freedom of flight is precisely what I'm after each and every time I take to the skies with my drones.

I completely recommend the DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter. You can buy it from Amazon here. You can pick up a great GoPro that mates perfectly with the Phantom 2 here. Extra batteries are available here.


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